Hey there! I’m Debbie Peak, former cake decorator turned graphic designer and artist. I’m excited to share my passion for all things creative! I constantly strive to expand my skillset, finding new opportunities to grow!
I’m self-taught and have over 15 years of marketing and graphic design experience within my own small businesses. Now, I enjoy helping other entrepreneurs and hobbyists bring their passions to life!
I'm wife to Mark, my husband of 28 years, and Mom to my three adult children. I'm a lover of all things girly and feminine. I'm a free spirit with an eclectic playlist, as I listen to anything that allows my creative juices to flow! I'm very detail oriented, focused and have a natural eye for design in all forms. I live for the simple things in life, and nothing makes me happier than spending time with my family and friends. I’m a weightlifting enthusiast and also enjoy kayaking and hiking. Attending concerts, painting, decorating my home, and spending time in the kitchen are just a few of the ways I find balance.
My Creative Journey…
As a child, I poured myself into several artistic hobbies. If I wasn’t sewing, painting, sketching or building something with my hands, I was involved in imaginative play, writing or dreaming about becoming a fashion designer. 
My creativity blossomed throughout the years. Personally, my creative outlets have been scrapbooking, crafting & making home décor. But perhaps my favorite has been imagining, designing and constructing themed birthday parties for my kids when they were young. Professionally, I’ve been an entrepreneur for most of my adult life and have held various titles…floral designer, interior decorator, color consultant, and cake & cookie artist/instructor, to name a few.
I discovered my passion for graphic design while running my own small businesses. I taught myself the tools and software needed to design my own branding, marketing materials, websites and social media images. I've always been drawn to pretty color palettes and symmetrical layouts, and graphic design has invariably been a part of my businesses in some form. In retrospect, there’s no question as to why I absolutely fell IN LOVE with the creative process of graphic design!
Today, I take great joy in helping other entrepreneurs and hobbyists elevate their ideas and bring their visions to life. I love making the design process seamless and cultivating my artistic ability by designing aesthetically pleasing products and offering practical, effective services.
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