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Pre-made designs are purchased first, then delivered digitally via your email.
Custom projects are typically laid out in the phases below. In all cases, no brainstorming or designs are initiated until a contract is signed and the deposit is secured.​​​​​​
Phase 1:  Discovery & Getting Acquainted
In this initial consultation (via email, phone or in person), we discuss your design objective. What are you needing and how can we work together as a team to reach it?
To help better understand your end goal, you’ll fill out a “Let’s Get Acquainted” form.

Phase 2:  Booking
If you feel we’re a good fit after our get acquainted consultation, then it’s time for you to officially book my services! I require a signed contract and 50% non-refundable deposit to book. After this is completed, we then move on to the next phase and start delving into your project!

Phase 3:  The Brief
This short document contains an overview of the scope of your project. It will clearly define your objective, target audience, and what is to be avoided. It will describe the tone and feel of your brand and give insight into your unique story. For large projects, I often include a mood board to help you visualize the direction of your design. Lastly, the brief will include any due dates, timelines and key milestones. Be sure to heed these dates, as it will ensure a more prompt and efficient transition from initial to final design!

Phase 4:  Initial Design
This is when I take all of the information that I’ve gathered and bring your vision to life! I utilize several methods during this process, including hand sketching & digital design. I then narrow down my designs and prep them for your approval.

Phase 5:  Client Presentation
I present you with the design concepts and await your review. This is when it’s crucial for you to give me honest feedback on what you like and, if applicable, what you don’t like. I encourage you to look at all design variations and point out what you like best from each one. Still need some tweaking? This is when we move on to the revision phase. Love everything? Woohooo…we skip to the final step!

Phase 6:  Revision Phase
During this phase, I implement your feedback and adjust the designs. I then narrow down your choices to 2-3 concepts and email them to you for final review. Depending on your project, I allow 2-3 revisions. If you’re still not 100% satisfied after those revisions, we may need to re-evaluate. There is an additional fee for extra revisions (noted in your contract).

Phase 7:  Final Design
Once you’ve approved the designs, you will then make the final payment. Once this payment has cleared, you will receive an email which includes all necessary files. Depending on your project, you may receive both print and digital files. If your design was a logo or brand identity package, you will also receive a Style Guide.
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